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We are a Speech and Language Therapy practice offering individual and group therapy to children. Our goal is for each child to develop the language and speech skills, social confidence and awareness necessary for social and communication success. Play-based learning blossoms in a setting that feels like a home playroom. 

What Parents Like About Us

  • 35+ years providing children with Speech and Language Therapy.

  • Interactive, play-based learning using music, movement, and creativity.

  • Emphasizes self-worth and success in a nurturing environment.

  • Provides parent education for integrating skills into daily living.

  • Incorporates ideas from Floor Time, RDI, and Social Thinking.

We believe learning should be fun!  

Our Speech Language Therapists specialize in pediatric play-based therapy for young children with autism spectrum disorders, social communication disorders, articulation, phonological processing, and receptive/expressive language delay. Our clients come from all over the Silicon Valley Bay Area.

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