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“Thank you! You have inspired me to make use of every “learning moment” to help my son understand things better in daily life.”


“I saw him totally locked in eye contact with the teacher, and I credit this success to all the experiences he’s had with you.”

“We’re so thankful to have you in our lives! Our daughter now seeks out friends, stays with a group, and has a great time with peers. She would not be where she is without you.”


“You are very talented and make a huge, positive impact on children and their families.”


“I’m inspired by your creativity and passion to have fun while teaching kids such valuable skills.”


“I can see the love, passion, care, and joy you have helping my son and other kids. I admire that about you!”


“Thanks to you, our son has come a long way! Now he joins in with kids and plays in a more expected way, not just making faces and running away. We even received great feedback from our school IEP team about his improved social communication.”

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