Meet Our Staff

"I love that children learn while having fun at Communication Clubhouse."

Deborah Hoffman, MA CCC-SLP, Director

Licensed Speech Language Pathologist

Debby wants to live in a world where children laugh and play while learning, where people are kind and accepting of one another, and where chocolate is calorie free.


As a Speech and Language Pathologist, she’s been honored to teach workshops and in-service presentations to parents and professionals across the U.S. and in Canada. Her goal is to help children and their families grow and learn together, gaining functional and meaningful skills to navigate their world.  


When she’s not providing speech and language therapy to individuals or groups, you can find her engrossed in paper crafting, laughing with friends or relaxing with a good book under a shady umbrella.

Catie Palumbo, M.Ed CCC-SLP


Licensed Speech Language Pathologist


Catie has long had a passion for working with young children through helping them learn to play and communicate appropriately.  She loves nothing more than to work with the whole child and approach their challenges through their strengths and interests.  Catie has worked in private practice, adult inpatient, schools and home-based therapeutic settings but has always been drawn back to working with children in a play-based group setting with an emphasis on functional life skills.  In her free time, she loves cooking, traveling with her husband and playing fetch with her labradoodle Stanley.  

Katie Kobashigawa, MS CCC-SLP

Licensed Speech Language Pathologist

Katie, a Bay Area native, attended University of the Pacific where she obtained her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology along with a minor in Child Psychology. Katie has worked in a private clinic, public school, and inpatient rehabilitation hospital with both children and adults. Today, Katie works full time with children in an Elementary School to develop functional communication skills. In addition, she enjoys working part time at Communication Zone and continuing to help children learn how to express themselves effectively. Outside of work, Katie enjoys spin classes, eating sushi, traveling, and playing with her three cats. 

Laura Davis

Therapy Assistant

Laura is a proud mother of 4 children. In addition to working at Communication Zone, she is currently a paraprofessional at a local school where she enjoys working with children of all ages. She has a background in behavior training and child development. She constantly makes people laugh with her great sense of humor and her quick thinking.   Laura loves working and playing with the children at Communication Zone.  When she is not working, you can find Miss Laura at the bowling alley, playing Bunco or playing with her dogs and children.

Kira Hoffman

Therapy Assistant

Kira enjoys helping children learn in a variety of settings. Miss Kira has an Autism Movement Therapy (AMT) certification, a background in behavior training and has been an aide for 10 years working with children with special needs. She brings her open mind, infectious smile and positive energy to each session. In her spare time, Kira loves to sing and dance, spend time with her friends, travel the world and play with her cats. 


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